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February 18, 2009

homemade apple-oatmeal-bread

A few of my friends recently did a “juice fast” for 4 days. They raved about it. Their skin glowed and they said they felt like a humming bird. I thought, I want to feel like a humming bird! So they gave me their books, advice, and I was raring to go. But I had to wait a week until my (future) mother-in-law left town b/c food is far too much a wonderful part of out-of-town visits. I read all the books and, having studied holistic nutrition, knew that if conducted well, a veggie juice fast can be an highly effective way to “spring clean” all sorts of junk out of your system. The science behind (veggie/fruit juice) fasting is very fascinating.

So Monday morning I began…I juiced myself all sorts of fresh treats throughout the day– combos of celery, apple, ginger, cucumber, kale, spinach, orange, kiwi, carrot, garlic, etc. They tasted great and I honestly was not hungry at all. Until 10 pm at night. I felt out of my body. Partially drained and weak and partially energized and focused. Both frantic and the feeling of utter clarity.

I awoke Tuesday morning, drank a glass of homemade juice and played a rag-tag game of tennis against the beau on the public courts in a nearby park, and very nearly won. It was one of my best games. I felt so clear and unstoppable. But then I went home…to another glass of juice. And that’s when it ceased to be fun. I opened the fridge and nearly drooled at the sight of a block of cheese. Just thinking about an avocado made me need to sit down. And then, my sweetness started making breakfast. An egg scramble with chicken apple sausage, black beans, garlic, and spinach. I literally started pounding the kitchen table. “I WANT TO EAT! I WANT TO EAT!…WHY AM I DOING THIS!?” And then I realized, it was time to stop. It made little to no sense to continue. I’m not an extremest. I try to never say never. I do believe food to be one of the greatest– probably THE greatest– gifts of this world. I believe one can heal oneself entirely with food in many circumstances. (I’ve been there– I faced cancer at 23 and changing my diet was probably the greatest gift of the entire experience–besides LIVING through it!). But food should not be a science. Nutrition is helpful, but should only be used as a flashlight in a mysterious world. It should not be the sun. I don’t think it is ‘healthy’ to live your life as a slave of nutrition science. I eat well. I eat primarily whole, seasonal, local fruit and vegetables and indulge in chocolate and cheese and meat and fat to my hearts content. Always with moderation, but never with deprivation.

Anyway, I’ll get off my soap box. The juicing fast was amazing and helped me to feel great this week. I gave in early and easily b/c it made little sense to me not too. My motivations had been served. In life, I think we must remember to check-in with ourselves and evaluate our motivations. As they say, we need to know when to hold ’em and when to fold ’em.

And food is too damn good not to eat it. So here is some homemade food porn from the past week:

orange, avocado, carrot, sesame salad

orange, avocado, carrot, sesame, ginger-soy salad

My homemade, spur-of-the-moment, Oatmeal Apple Bread (sweetened with honey):


And today’s homemade Potato, Leek, and Fennel soup (sprinkled with mozzarella cheese):

Fennel, Leek, Potato zoupa!

Fennel, Leek, Potato zoupa!

(Since writing this post I’ve learned that I could have eaten miso soup or broth during my fast…which may have helped me to keep going…something savory would have been like manna from heaven! Oh well, maybe I’ll be inspired another time…in the meantime, the carne asada burrito [the size of my head] I ingested last night seemed to energize me plenty).