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A is for Apple and Autumn

November 1, 2009











September 23, 2009

A few funky ones from today…




July 10, 2009

So sorry to have disappeared for– yikes– more than a month. I don’t know where to begin. Since there is way too much to post, I’ll just try to get some things up in little spurts.  I’ve been quite busy at work so I’ll start with a few of my recent creations there.  Here are 3 of the 8 arrangements I made today.  These are all round, low, and sweet.  Stay tuned for some taller, 1 sided treats.  As always, thanks for stopping by!





May 27, 2009

More windows into my day job…a peek-a-boo of frutzmade:

Frutz Blog 038

Frutz Blog 001

Frutz Blog 054

Frutz Blog 048


January 15, 2009

There’s no right way to start this, so here I go. If you had told me yesterday or even 2 hours ago that I would be writing a blog today I would have looked you in the eye a few moments, thought about it, and then said, “naaaahhhh I don’t think I could ever really do a blog.” My reasoning and excuses would be numerous, and they would boil down to the essence of 3 points:

  1. I could START a blog, yes. But after about an hour or 2 of enthusiasm, I’d become bored upon realizing how much effort would be involved. The blog would wither in my mind or in the infancy of a blogspot username account.
  2. I can’t write down the thoughts in my head. This is true. I’ve tried. If any of this is making sense, it’s luck. It won’t last long. And
  3. I’m too scatterbrained. I have a million ideas that get lost in the throes of sporadic conviction. My interests are many and my talents are genuine, but only surface deep. I’ve dug a million holes looking for water, but the holes are all too shallow to reach the water.

So here I am, turning to a blog. The blog– a perfect tool for wrestling scatterbrain demons and self-defeating excuses, all wrapped within the facade of productivity. I never understood blogs before. But I had an “aha!” moment about an hour ago, and this blog seemed the only and best answer. So I’m giving it my best shot. Ahhh…blogdom.

(If I were a good blogger, you would now see a little black and white pencil illustration of this analogy:

my blog = me bailing out a sinking boat which actually is my brain filled with all sorts of pretty objects that happen to be causing my brain/boat to sink. Got it?)

So that’s my reason. Oh, and the fact that I turned 30 yesterday, which is just a coincidence that happened to collide with my “aha” moment. But it’s a good coincidence.


This all started because I received a bouquet of flowers from my lovely aunt yesterday. As I sat in my living room talking to friends today I kept looking over into the kitchen, eager to get the chance to take the bouquet apart and arrange the flowers in various jars, bowls, and glasses. It’s one of my favorite things in the world to do– put flowers into vessels. I pick flowers and branches from all over my San Francisco city neighborhood and backyard and bring them home to scatter around my home. I’m not sure if this is legal, but I do it. There’s a lavender and rose patch growing wild and un-tended just a few houses down the street–literally sprouting up through cracks. There’s a magnolia tree that blossoms the most spectacular flowers next door. Anyway, I was jones-ing to get at this flower arrangement.  I thought, “This is something I’m good at.  This is something I like to do.”  And then I realized, “Aha…I could have a blog recording this type of nonesense!”

Here’s the flower arrangement BEFORE, as it arrived for my 30th birthday:

beautiful, but boring

beautiful, but boring

And here’s how it looked after I attacked it:

simple relief

simple relief

(Insert into blog a pencil sketch of me roundhouse kicking the “before bouquet”. Boo-yeh!)

So that’s what you can expect from my blog: Snapshots of tiny, domestic inspiration, the magnetic pull of bold colors and patterns to my eye, an obsessive preoccupation with simple food, and an over-stating of the praises of nature’s perfection. Enjoy, blogopolis!