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Head in the Clouds

May 31, 2012

My handmade blue bird mobile to hang over Silas’ crib (cat not included):


EXACTLY Nine Months Later…

May 31, 2012

I do not kid, EXACTLY nine months to the day of our wedding, Silas Bryce Muir was born.

Silas (pronounced Sy-lus) Bryce Muir translates to “The spirit of the woods (silas), breeze (bryce), and moor (muir)”. Silas is latin for woodsman or forest dweller. Silas’s paternal grandfather worked in wood his entire life as an artist making wood sculptures. Seth and I met in a redwood forest where Seth was teaching forest ecology. Silas’s paternal grandfather was Bryce and the name has been in the family for 200 years.

Married in Mendocino

May 31, 2012

On April 17, 2010, I married my best friend in Mendocino, CA– the place where we met 7 years earlier.  For more about that, visit my rambling Novella here.

Not surprisingly, a lot of love went into that day.  I enjoyed the process of crafting a meaningful weekend that focused on family and friends and sharing life’s blessings– of love, of nature, of food, of music, and of the spirit.  While what remains afterwards is the overwhelming feeling of love, here is some of my diy wedding flair:

SETH’S BOUTONNIERE– since my husband is a sailor and we were tying the knot, I made a Sailor’s Knot boutonniere!

 THE WISHES– After the ceremony, everyone gathered on a windswept bluff to toss wishing rocks into the ocean.  I collected the grey rocks with my family at a favorite Mendocino Beach.

Best Man + Mother-of-the-Groom bringing rocks to the Headlands

THE WISHING TREE– Guests were encouraged to write well wishes to the bride and groom and hang them on plum blossom branches.

held in an abolone shell

TRAVEL TREASURES– I’m an obsessive beach comber and have collected tiny treasures from many (but in no way all) of our travels as a couple.  I jarred, labelled, and displayed them throughout the reception hall.

RUSTIC CHALKBOARDS– I found discarded, rustic windows on the streets of San Francisco and made them into chalkboard to display the homemade beer and punch selection.

SPICE SHELLS– Salt and Pepper were held in shells from local beaches I had gathered and scattered on the family-style farm tables.

HERB BOXES– Wooden boxes from the SF Flower Market planted with Grape Hyacinths and Rosemary then covered with moss.

SAVORY FAVORS– Local Mendocino Mustard for every guest covered with a variety of blue patterned fabric hats.

TABLE ASSIGNMENT:  Letters painted on local rocks to mark each table.  Cute utensil stamps to announce each guest.

FRESH BAKED– Over 600 of my mom’s famous chocolate chip cookies were made with love by my mother and sisters!

It’s been many, many moons…

May 31, 2012

since I last posted.  A lot has happened, a lot has been done.  I’m no longer at the floral studio, no longer at the video game design studio, no longer performing on the stages of San Francisco, and no longer  living in San Francisco.  My creativity is certainly still flowing, however.  In the last three years I married, became a mother, moved to an island in Washington state, and am about to start classes in Early Childhood Education.  There are so many ideas and creations and inspirations I have missed sharing over the past 3 years, but I am going to document a few that I managed to capture on film.  I hope to continue sharing on this blog and am eager to see how the new island home influences my mind, my eye, and my heart.

One week old, holding my wedding bands.


April 5, 2009


I’m off to enjoy the day…thanks for stopping by!


April 4, 2009

please pardon my dust.  i’m messing with blog theme design and layout so it could get funky at any minute around here…indulge me.


February 17, 2009


Stop the presses–my air plant appears to be blooming!