Order up!

A special request for a “Brazilian VIP”…


A gift for a dinner party host..



pin cussion flowers in the vases...

A request for something cheerful…



For a San Francisco Office…


Centerpieces for a community dining room…



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One Response to “Order up!”

  1. Helen Melser Says:

    In your Jan 18th 2009 entry you waxed lyrical about my Olive & Fig Jam which truly delighted me. I have recently written a booklet entitled The Irresistible Olive in which I air my obsession for that sour, pungent fruit described so eloquently by Lawrence Durrell as, .. as old as cold water.
    I have a new take, sweet and luscious, as in my Dessert Olives.

    I am writing to ask if you would you allow me to quote your comments about my jam in my booklet which should be ready at the end of the month.
    I looked up your blog earlier today and see you don’t give your name.
    but I was very impressed with all your projects. I would love to see some of your performances – one day perhaps.
    Hope to hear from you
    take care

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