It gives me great pleasure to announce the release of two creative, informative, and exciting new books by two first-time authors who are dear to my heart.


The first is entitled Feltique; Techniques and Projects for Wet Felting, Needle Felting, Fulling, and Working with Commercial Felt. It is a collaboration between Nikola Davidson and the fabulous Brookelynn Morris. I’m a bit biased, yes, because Brookelynn is a friend who never ceases to amaze me with her talents, inspiration, humor, and joi de vivre. I cannot wait to get my hands on the book and try out a new craft. For all of my N. California readers, Ms. Morris will be making two book launch appearances!

Feltique is published by Random House and all rights to the image posted above belongs to them. (Please don’t step on me Random House…I’m just trying to promote your phenomenal new book :)) So everyone, go pick up a copy!!

library mystery

The second equally exciting, unique, and inspiring book is….drum-roll please…Hosting a Library Mystery by Elizabeth M. Karle. I know I’m not alone in my viewpoint that, well, libraries ROCK. Sure, the computer screen will always beckon us with it’s wealth of reliable and unreliable resources, but nothing gives back more to a local community than a library. As the world looks more and more for quick answers via technology, it is very important to nurture our libraries as the crossroads of information and inspiration that they are. In Hosting a Library Mystery Ms. Karle puts all of her years as a dedicated Library goddess to work in a fun, creative, and interactive how-to book chalk-full of ways to excite and educate library patrons of all ages. The book is an absolute gift to libraries around the world looking to invigorate and connect with the people they serve and to help library goers realize the wealth of resources available just around the corner– in the pages of books and through the knowledgeable library staff themselves. What’s more, I can say from 30 years of looking up to Elizabeth M. Karle as my big sister and role model– you can’t find a more thoughtful, intelligent, unique, and fun-loving lady around. We are all so lucky to finally have a tiny sliver of her insight and essence on the page to share. So go get yourselves a copy and let the games begin!

(Hosting a Library Mystery is published by the American Library Association and all rights to the image posted above belongs to them.)

Congratulations, ladies, on these huge milestones in your lives and creative development! I cannot wait for your next book releases and to follow along on your exciting journeys. Thanks for always inspiring me!


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  1. Lisa Says:

    I like your title!

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