full tilt towards alcatraz

full tilt towards alcatraz

I’m congratulating my honey today on this week’s launch of The Eleanor– the 5th wooden boat he has made as an instructor at the San Francisco Maritime Museum in conjunction with the GetOutAndLearn (GOAL) program of San Francisco’s Downtown High School. img_1591The GetOutAndLearn program uses experiential and adventure-based learning to engage under-served, minority students who are at-risk of dropping out of school. GetOutAndLearn prepares, encourages and motivates students to graduate from high school, make positive choices and pursue post-secondary education and/or meaningful work.

GetOutAndLearn partners with the San Francisco Maritime National Historic Park Association to teach its students traditional wooden boat building techniques from start to finish – carrying out the measuring, cutting, assembly, and shaping of the boat and sail. It’s a unique and inspiring program which seeks to reach challenging students in a unique way. I also think it’s something special in that students are learning a craft and how to work with their hands.

student designed goat decal

student designed goat decal

The boat– a design called the “Goat Island Skiff”– was christened “The Eleanor” after one of the student’s grandmother’s who passed away during the making of the boat. The launch was dramatic with high winds, but we won’t go into those details now. Instead, congratulations to my sweetness, Ed, Josia (his incredible teaching partners), and all the rest of the crew who made this happen!

christening of "The Elanore"

christening of "The Eleanor"



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