I’m finally moving forward with photography musings which have festered in my mind for ages. I adore taking photographs and I have a very specific aesthetic. I understand camera mechanics (I took photography classes in college) but get overwhelmed whenever I delve into the world of professional photographer forums. The gear talk becomes paralyzing and my ambition/confidence level plummets.

San Francisco cafes and shops are full of local artwork and damn-it, I feel like my work is just as good.  So what if I still have a lot to learn?  So, in the past week I have taken these steps:

1) I compiled a portfolio/book of some of my best, most focused work entitled “elements”. It’s nothing special– I made it with the iphoto software– but it’s currently being printed and I should have it at my disposal next week. I may have to tweak color levels on the photos once I see how they look printed vs. on screen, but hopefully I’ll have a portfolio to refer to soon.

2) I enrolled in SF city college. They have photography classes each semester for dirt cheap and I’m gonna finally start taking some– in the fall semester, schedule permitting.

3) Last night I completed a photo mounting/display project I’ve been fantasizing about for about a week. I’ve always wondered how to display my photos–I’ve wanted something unique and outside the norm of black frame, white matte.

wax, glue, and acrylics

wax, glue, and acrylics

I stumbled upon encaustic wax paintings recently and imagined how interesting it might be to mount my images on wood and then cover them in a layer of wax paint. My sweetness brought home scrap wood from his work (building wooden boats) and I used 2 pieces for the experiment. I don’t have many of my images printed, but was able to use 2 prints I already had at home which were a bit mis-colored, but usable.

FIRST: I cut the prints down to a size that would work for the scrap wood. Eventually, I will cut the wood down to the size for the prints, sand the wood down, and drill mounting holes in the back.

SECOND: I painted the edges of the wood in white or black (depending on the image to be mounted).

THIRD: I glued the images to the wood. stone-project

FOURTH: I applied the wax substance to the pictures. They are currently drying– it takes about 2 days for the wax to set.

I’m super happy with the results, but need to tweak a few things. You can’t tell in these images, but the wax makes the photographs look like paintings b/c they have dimension on the surface and streaks of wax. So it’s a good start…

trial run:  the wood will be custom cut next time

trial run: the wood will be custom cut next time


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