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February 18, 2009

homemade apple-oatmeal-bread

A few of my friends recently did a “juice fast” for 4 days. They raved about it. Their skin glowed and they said they felt like a humming bird. I thought, I want to feel like a humming bird! So they gave me their books, advice, and I was raring to go. But I had to wait a week until my (future) mother-in-law left town b/c food is far too much a wonderful part of out-of-town visits. I read all the books and, having studied holistic nutrition, knew that if conducted well, a veggie juice fast can be an highly effective way to “spring clean” all sorts of junk out of your system. The science behind (veggie/fruit juice) fasting is very fascinating.

So Monday morning I began…I juiced myself all sorts of fresh treats throughout the day– combos of celery, apple, ginger, cucumber, kale, spinach, orange, kiwi, carrot, garlic, etc. They tasted great and I honestly was not hungry at all. Until 10 pm at night. I felt out of my body. Partially drained and weak and partially energized and focused. Both frantic and the feeling of utter clarity.

I awoke Tuesday morning, drank a glass of homemade juice and played a rag-tag game of tennis against the beau on the public courts in a nearby park, and very nearly won. It was one of my best games. I felt so clear and unstoppable. But then I went home…to another glass of juice. And that’s when it ceased to be fun. I opened the fridge and nearly drooled at the sight of a block of cheese. Just thinking about an avocado made me need to sit down. And then, my sweetness started making breakfast. An egg scramble with chicken apple sausage, black beans, garlic, and spinach. I literally started pounding the kitchen table. “I WANT TO EAT! I WANT TO EAT!…WHY AM I DOING THIS!?” And then I realized, it was time to stop. It made little to no sense to continue. I’m not an extremest. I try to never say never. I do believe food to be one of the greatest– probably THE greatest– gifts of this world. I believe one can heal oneself entirely with food in many circumstances. (I’ve been there– I faced cancer at 23 and changing my diet was probably the greatest gift of the entire experience–besides LIVING through it!). But food should not be a science. Nutrition is helpful, but should only be used as a flashlight in a mysterious world. It should not be the sun. I don’t think it is ‘healthy’ to live your life as a slave of nutrition science. I eat well. I eat primarily whole, seasonal, local fruit and vegetables and indulge in chocolate and cheese and meat and fat to my hearts content. Always with moderation, but never with deprivation.

Anyway, I’ll get off my soap box. The juicing fast was amazing and helped me to feel great this week. I gave in early and easily b/c it made little sense to me not too. My motivations had been served. In life, I think we must remember to check-in with ourselves and evaluate our motivations. As they say, we need to know when to hold ’em and when to fold ’em.

And food is too damn good not to eat it. So here is some homemade food porn from the past week:

orange, avocado, carrot, sesame salad

orange, avocado, carrot, sesame, ginger-soy salad

My homemade, spur-of-the-moment, Oatmeal Apple Bread (sweetened with honey):


And today’s homemade Potato, Leek, and Fennel soup (sprinkled with mozzarella cheese):

Fennel, Leek, Potato zoupa!

Fennel, Leek, Potato zoupa!

(Since writing this post I’ve learned that I could have eaten miso soup or broth during my fast…which may have helped me to keep going…something savory would have been like manna from heaven! Oh well, maybe I’ll be inspired another time…in the meantime, the carne asada burrito [the size of my head] I ingested last night seemed to energize me plenty).



February 17, 2009


Stop the presses–my air plant appears to be blooming!



February 12, 2009

I have fabric-envy this afternoon. Let me explain. One of the many ways I support myself is by freelancing as a personal assistant. I worked this morning with a lovely pregnant client, 2 weeks shy of her due date. In an effort to prepare for the baby ‘s arrival I am helping to organize her home by sifting through boxes of creative projects and years of teaching. Today, I sorted (by color) 13 boxes of fabric she accumulated in the hopes of one day making/selling homemade baby toys. Vintage fabrics, used clothes, upholstery fabric, sweaters, etc. I don’t think she quite realized what an ideal task this was for me. Sorting pretty fabric by color!? I’m such a dork…but I remember throwing temper tantrums when I was a kid if my pajama’s didn’t color co-ordinate. And I don’t believe I was an unruly or snob of a kid– I was a bit of a tom boy, in fact. (Siblings, feel free to correct me if I’m wrong). But COLOR…well, everything is color to me. I can’t quite explain it, but my emotions are far too heavily swayed by color.

I’m very glad my closets aren’t swelling with too many boxes of fabric, but I do have a wee case of fabric envy. I often run to the thrift store down the street to find fabric for some hair-brained project. Often I try to make the project too quickly without taking the proper steps or thinking it through. I can spend months without sewing inspiration and then wammo, I get an idea and I want to produce it INSTANTLY. So, I’m trying to learn to be a less impatient sewer and project maker.

iBook quilted pouch, handmade by frutz

Here is a project I made a while back. It’s a quilted pouch for my Apple iBook and it is invaluable to me. I found the quilted blue fabric in the Mission district of San Francisco and the striped blue fabric (for the lining) at a nearby Goodwill store. The pocket on the outside is just the right size to fit a CD/DVD + computer cord. If I ever make another one I’d perfect the design with an additional pocket or two and perhaps a unique button on the flap. But my little white laptop slides into this pouch “just so” and can then travel in any bag or suitcase without a care.

quilted iBook pouch (closed view)

quilted iBook pouch, handmade by frutz

Another recent project involves 2 kitchen chairs my fiance found on the street a while ago. The streets of San Francisco are the Giving Tree of found objects. Rents may be high, but I swear, if you have a little patience and creativity, you never have to purchase a single item of furniture. Between (God bless you, Craig), thrift stores, and the generousity/laziness of residents who leave things out on the street, you are all set. You’d be hard-pressed to find a piece of furniture in my home which I bought. Some people might find this horrific, but if you’re a bit flexible in your expectations and needs, you can have a pretty chic home for very little. It’s by no means high lux, but my home is colorful, cozy, funky, and inviting. Our home is like a rotating gallery– we have some things which I will admit I hate, but they serve a purpose and when we find something of better quality/style, the old item goes out onto the streets and the new piece comes inside.  Many things I’d like to refinish or paint or change in some way and I slowly get around to those projects. Which leads me back to the kitchen chairs– I recently recovered these found objects with a beautiful, but un-loved sweater. I’m not a huge fan of the wood finish on the chairs, but hey, I may one day get around to changing that. But for now, I’m pretty happy with the chairs’ new outfit.






February 7, 2009

I’m thankful today because we’ve had some much needed rain. The sun is out now to give us a moment to shake off the wet and get outside before the rains return tomorrow. This seems a fair and healthy balance. Thanks, Frauline Nature. It seems so often the talk these days is about how unpredictable the weather is. Though all signs point to climate change and we need to do our part to live in better balance with our planet, I don’t think we should discount the power of positive thought. I wonder sometimes if we are making the problem worse through doomsday discussions. Let’s be grateful! We should not close our eyes and ears and pretend something is not happening, but we should also realize that our words and thoughts are better spent sewing positive actions. I’m sick of doomsday. To me, there are far too many blossoming cherry trees out my window to think otherwise. So today, I am toasting the small stuff:

the kiwi and the orange

the kiwi and the orange

My weekly CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) box contained delicious kiwi and oranges this week. A sumptuous box of the freshest in-season fruits and vegetables are delivered to my home every week, courtesy of Capay Organic:



my indoor blossom shrine

my indoor blossom shrine

a place for kitchen string and broken sea shells

a place for kitchen string and broken sea shells