cloud photo installation

cloud photo installation

The cloud installation (above) hangs in my kitchen, above the sink. I photographed the clouds on a trip to Vermont during 2006. The images are mounted on foam core.

my *precious

my *precious

This is the tiny, wooden dish where my rings rest at the end of a busy day on my hand. The handmade ring to the right was bought for me by Seth at an outdoor market on our recent trip to Sydney, Australia. I rarely make quick decisions, but this was the fastest purchase I’ve ever made. I loved it, we bought it. The ring in the middle is my perfect, new engagement ring. The photo does not do justice to the river carved through the middle of the silver ring by a local San Francisco artist, with a beautiful Canadian, fair trade diamond inset. And to the left is a teeny little snail shell…just because it’s cute.

beach glass mobile, homemade by frutz

beach glass mobile, homemade by frutz

I made this beach glass mobile about a year ago after a visit to the wild Lost Coast in Northern California and Glass Beach in Fort Bragg, CA. I wish the photo better captured how sweet and whimsical this little baby is as it catches the light. It hangs over my bed.
baja, mendocino, joshua tree, baja

baja, mendocino, joshua tree, baja

The photos (above) are mounted on foam core and are hung vertically in my kitchen using cooking string. From top to bottom: Sea Star – trip to Baja 2003, Flower – Mendocino Coast, Seth – Joshua Tree, Beach Sand – Baja 2003.


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One Response to “BITS AND BOBS”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Your ring is beautiful!!! Seth did a wonderful job 🙂

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